Tuesday, September 20

pumpkin patch

Netflix is splitting up into Netflix for streaming and Qwikster for DVD mailing. Color me confused, but why? Apparently, customers will have to check with two different websites (because Netflix and Qwikster will be treated as two different brands and therefore have two different websites) just to update what is essentially one list of movies that they want to watch. Right-o, Netflix. I guess in the age where the majority of companies are trying to make tools and services that do multiple things (ie. cell phones that double as cameras, clocks, portable gaming devices, toasters, land mine detectors, etc.), you're bucking the trend and becoming the service that does fewer things. Cutting edge! I think.

Annnnnnd [/end rant].

Annnnnnd [begin OOTD]:

 cami, cotton on
cardigan, gap
skirt, j.crew
flats, steve madden
belt, j.crew
ring, coach
bangle, kate spade

If there's one thing I like, it's colors. I did remind myself of a pumpkin today, though. But you could say that that's perfect for fall. Yes. That's what I'll go with.


  1. I'll second PERFECT FOR FALL! Love it. And I hadnt' heard about Netflix yet, but I'm sure the boy will be complaining about it later. Definitely stinks :(

  2. I like these two colors together. I have tried them out to last week:


    Really cute :))


  3. i LOVE the skirt, Amy! it's the perfect color and is surprisingly versatile. it's also super flattering on you!

    i wholeheartedly agree with your netflix rant and frustrations. i know SO MANY ppl who are bidding adieu to the service b/c of it.



  5. you're mimicking nature, which is always classy. :D

  6. That's an awesome color combination. I wish I could pull off a belted cardigan like that.

  7. I got a long (form) letter in my email from Netflix regarding customer upset over pricing. My subscription doubled and I didn't know why. Haven't had time to look. Apparently it's due to the streaming aspect of the business. Perhaps that's why they separated the two. One day I'll read the letter...

  8. I knew they were upping the rates and changing the plans around but I haven't heard about the spitting the site up business yet - I am going to be peeved ...

  9. Uggggh do NOT get me started on this Qwikster thing. I am not happy that since we opted for DVDs only at the switch we now have to deal with a lame-ster (get it? bad joke.) different stupidly-spelled company. I guess the colors are kind of pumpkin-y, but they remind me of spring! In a great way!

  10. I wore a very similar color combo last week :) I didn't even think of a pumpkin lol...but you are so right! You look adorable!

  11. Cute! I love the color combo--I've been wanting to wear that minty green shade with...burgundy? plum? Something like that.

    Don't even get me started on Qwikster. *eyeroll*


  12. I was considering finally caving and getting Netflix but it seems like they're kind of falling apart....not sure if it's still owrth it. I love the color combinations you come up with, they're so daring and fun!