Tuesday, October 18

jeremy spoke in cla-aaass todaaaay

I love a good print. (I also love a bad one too, for that matter.) As evidence of such, here are two printed dresses I wore out and about -- one from before my vacation, the other from yesterday.

dress, rachel by rachel roy
tights, xhilaration
heels, steve madden
ring, j.crew

dress, f21
cardigan, lacoste
flats, steve madden
belt, mom's
ring, etsy

The Rachel Roy what's-all-this-then crazy print dress you may already be familiar with from this post, but the floral one is brand spankin' new from Forever 21. I found it in the clearance section of all places, so it came home with me for a scant $9. I guess not too many other people covet grandma's-couch-ish rose patterns as much as I do, which is fine by me. I plan to wear it with some dark tights and boots when the weather gets even cooler -- it'll be awesome, you guys. I'll look like I belong in Singles. And then when I perfect my crazy eyes, like I belong in a Pearl Jam video.


  1. i love printed dresses too, and i love it when they have sleeves... no cardigans or sweaters necessary. you can just throw it on and go... and still be appropriately attired for most situations. :)

  2. You look so cute in these dresses! I love a good floral print too. So girly and sweet!

  3. oh my lord, you crack me up!
    love a good print - love a bad print: i totally agree! looks like they love you too :)

    and btw, singles is so great. only the bridget fonda/matt dillon parts though (i fast-forward through everything else, ha!) they are both such perfect examples of what was great and what was awful about 90s fashion

  4. Oh my gosh, floral dresses, black tights, and boots ALWAYS remind me of Bridget Fonda in Singles! Back in the day, I tried to find a jacket like Kyra Sedgewick wore.

    Ah, the 90s. I miss them so.

  5. That grandma-couch-ish dress is so pretty! I love those prints the best! This post and these pictures are influencing my outfit choice for tomorrow, so if I end up wearing one of my grandma prints thanks for the inspiration!