Wednesday, October 19

color chameleon

I love to get the same amazing cardigans and pencil skirts in different colors, and sometimes pants as well. I mean, if it looks and feels incredible and just so happens to come in a delectable array of hues, why not, you know? This is why looking through J.Crew's latest catalogs is so dangerous -- so many colors! Must. Resist. Buying. Them. All.

But rarely have I purchased the same dress in a different color before. Scratch that -- I've never purchased the same dress but in a different color before. Until now.

bow dress, f21
polka dot tights, merona
belt, mom's
pumps, salvatore ferragamo
necklace, f21
ring, f21
bangle, kate spade

You may recognize the dress as the solid red version of this little frock (awww, look at the adorable bare walls! *sniff* memories).

Have any of you ever bought multiple versions of the same dress?

And because I mentioned my cross-stitching projects before, here's another one I completed last week --

He's like a mini Optimus Prime, or "Mini Prime," as I refer to him. Boyfriend decided he'd rather have a "more manly" version of Optimus instead, so this little guy will just sit neglected on a shelf somewhere until I find out what to do with him. In the meantime, I'm working on Optimus 2.0 v. More Muscle.



  1. Um, ADORABLE. Love the dress, the polka dot tights, and am still regretting not buying that F21 necklace. You look fantastic :)

  2. You look fantastic in that color - you must wear more punchy orangey-reds!

    And I love your mini prime - I kind of feel like he needs to be framed and join the ranks of your wall of fame!

  3. How could you not want two of this dress, it is absolutely darling. I'm not big on multiples because I like variety, but sometime if you love something so much, why not!

    I got the November J. Crew catalog and each night I look through it just yearning for coats and cords in a multitude of colors. I want one of everything.

  4. I can see why you needed both colors! The dress is so versatile and they totally have different personalities! The printed version is super cute. Love your tights, BTW!

  5. oooh, that dress is so cute!!! I really like it with the merona polka dot tights. are those new?? I must find a pair. that orange/red is a great color for you. It's really striking with your coloring.

    I have bought multiples in dresses. I bought the Caroline Dress this summer in two colors, although they almost look the same! I was tempted to get the Ikat colorway, too, and just might if it pops back into sale stock!!!