Friday, January 20

the jester

You know what happens when I'm running late, but try my damnedest to snap an OOTD photo anyway before sprinting out the door? Weird poses, out-of-focus photographs, and a date stamp. What the heck? How did that even get there?

I'm not technology compatible.

dress, anthropologie
tights, kate spade
flats, urban outfitters
belt, f21
watch, fossil
bangle, kate spade
black stone ring, novica
skull ring, ebay



I tend to wear the same jewelry every single day. At least when it comes to my hands. I know a lot of fashionable ladies who can coordinate their baubles to every outfit, but I think I'm more of a "stick with the comfortable" kind of gal when it comes to my rings and bracelets. Don't get me wrong -- I'll switch it up for special occasions and whatnot, but for everyday wear, I have my go-to trinkets. I'm thinking about adding in some more rings, too -- I'm thinking something with a turquoise stone and another skull ring (not the same style as the one I already have, obviously).

What about you? Do you switch it every day or stick with your usuals? Or not wear jewelry at all?

Also, man that dress is wrinkly. I really should've ironed it before wearing it out.

Oh well.


  1. I love that dress. What is the name of it, do you know?
    Also: wrinkles. I hate them too, I want a steamer at home like they have at stores!

  2. I'm the person who gets a new accessory and wears it all the time!!

  3. I tend to wear the same necklace (small wooden disc one) for awhile, usually the same ring. Kind of boring, but I am trying to mix it up, I wore a bracelet/cuff today!

    I like the pairing of purple and green :)

  4. wow- I love it with the patterned lavender tights! That's the one Reed shirtdress I don't have (and yet I have 2 in the orange...eeps)(call me a hoarder)(one day I'll find this one too!). I always forget to wear jewellery, and I admire your layers, so to speak!

    You definitely need a turquoise stone with this outfit!

  5. I just wear my engagement and wedding rings in terms of jewelery. Occasionally I'll throw on a necklace, but since I discovered scarves I've been opting for the latter lately. BTW, the color of your dress is divine especially with those tights!