Wednesday, January 25

the chinese new year outfit

My apologies for just now getting around to posting this week! It has been nuts over here with Chinese New Year and work and blah, blah, blah... Actually, you know what? Real life is dull. Let me revise my excuse. I was MIA the earlier half of this week because I was too busy solving the world energy crisis and training a guinea pig choir to sing AC/DC's "Hell's Bells" to post.

There. Isn't that a much more entertaining story than "I couldn't post because I was too busy watching the first 3 seasons of Friends"?

But anyhoodle, I'm back now and with my outfit from Monday's Chinese New Year celebration! BEHOLD:

though it may look like it, I am not actually with child.
unless you count 2 years of holiday weight as "with child."

dress, j.crew
cardigan, j.crew
tights, urban outfitters
belt, f21
flats, urban outfitters
watch, fossil
bangle, kate spade
skull ring, ebay
black ring, novica



I also wanted to show off what I made for dinner that night! It was my first time making dumplings and they turned out swell. Woohoo!




That weird marbled-looking thing is a tea egg, which is just a regular hardboiled egg that's been steeped in black tea, soy sauce, and star anise. One of my favorites! If you're interested, here's the dumpling recipe. The tea egg recipe is my own and I won't bore you with it here.


  1. mmmm...dumplings...I like to diversify my dumpling consumption by switching back and forth with pierogies a couple of times a week....

    Those look yummy, and the tea egg is pretty! Love your red silk and spots!

  2. oh boy, dumplings. Mmmm. I made general tso's chicken for the first time, and it was a success. Served it with baby bok choy and rice for the Chinese new year. I need to try making dumplings sometime.

  3. But I would love to try out a tea egg!! That sounds interesting. And yum to dumplings, glad they turned out well.

  4. You look so pretty in red. :) I love reading all about the Chinese New Year celebrations, and seeing the festivities that people enjoy.

    I have to say my favorite is the hardboiled egg, that sounds scrumptious.

  5. I wish you could cook for me! The food looks delish!

  6. Girl, you made dumplings?! I just bought so frozen ones and pan fried them, I'm such a cheater, haha!

    (Yay, whatever the Blogger issue was seems resolved now - I couldn't comment on your posts for days and days now!)

  7. Oh the tea egg and dumplings look good! I can't quite get into tea eggs, but they always look so nice.

  8. Hi Amy!

    I LOVE tea eggs! What's your recipe?

  9. Umm.... I bow before your superior cooking skillz. I tried dumplings, once. It was the most labor intensive meal I've ever made and it took like 3 hours. Maybe I was doing something wrong? I told Sir if he wanted them again we'd have to order take out.