Wednesday, January 4

they're taking the hobbits to Isengard

I'm glad you all had the impeccable taste and judgement to appreciate the majesty of the illustrations I showcased in yesterday's post. They are works of beauty, aren't they? You can find them at the Louvre this fall. I heard they're throwing out a rando, unimportant painting called "the Mona Lisa" to make room.*

Couldn't get enough of the grandpa cardigan and ended up dressing like a little hobbit gentleman (but with flats! and a bowtie!) today because I realized that due to a lack of clean tights, I couldn't wear any dresses or skirts. January is still far too cold for bare legs. Unless you live in the Southern hemisphere, I guess. Lucky ducks. (Seriously, Rolling Stone Australia has Soundgarden on the cover. SOUNDGARDEN YOU GUYS. Anyone from Oz mind mailing me a copy? Don't make me beg. It's so unsightly.)


shirt, j.crew

cardigan, target
pants, j.crew
flats, j.crew
bow tie, j.crew outlet
ring, f21



Did I tie my own bow tie? You bet I did! And for those of you who are super into the wonders of nailpolish, here's a breakdown -- Orly ("Liquid Vinyl"), half-topped with Hard Candy ("beetle"), half-topped with Milani ("Jewel FX Gold"). Had a few coworkers and strangers comment that they "couldn't stop staring at [my] nails." I think it's all the shiny gold flecks. It appeals to the inner magpie in all of us.

*not at all true


  1. I just had to click over because of the title, of course. And now really want to break in my extended edition Blu Rays... nerd alert.

    LOVE your nails! Beautiful.

  2. Extended edition on blu ray = the only way to watch LOTR. Have you seen the trailer for The Hobbit? Literally after typing that, I thought to myself, "OF COURSE SHE HAS, YOU DOPE." Haha!

  3. Hahaha. Correct answer, my friend. :) Amazing. Have been watching Sherlock to soak up the Martin Freeman early.

  4. Heck yes! And now that it's official that Benedict Cumberbatch will also play some part in it (I thought he was going to voice Smaug, but now Wikipedia claims he'll voice Necromancer instead?) makes it even better!

  5. you are too cute - so glad you are blogging more regularly again! I know it's been chilly in the mornings, but the 70-degree temps this week are ridiculous!

    I wish I would have the nerve to wear a bowtie...I love it!

  6. Happy New Year! Your nails are so fabulous!!!

  7. Love those nails! I am not normally a nail person due to extreme laziness, but those might be worth me getting off my bum.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I'm having a giveaway...

  8. I smiled really big when I read your title, especially b/c we just recently saw the last HP. So sad it came to an end! You look adorable as always by the way.

  9. I love your growing art collage...where did you find such awesome prints?!?!

  10. eek -- Aww, thanks! And it's gotten warm already, but who knows what the rain this morning will bring...

    Sharon -- Happy new year to you too!

    Marie -- Oh, they're definitely worth the effort. And by "effort," I do mean it in the most minimal way possible, haha!

    Dea -- I know! I still can't believe HP is over... But who knew that the kid who played Neville would grow up to be so handsome? ;)

    Jennie -- Thanks! I find most of my stuff through etsy, though one is from Mondo Tees and some others are direct from artists.