Wednesday, February 29


I wanted to start posting like a regular and responsible blogger (like, more than just 3 random times a month), but then last week was BONKERS and then this week kicked off with me getting food poisoning. *shakes fist*

I thought I was getting back into the groove of things today, but then during lunch I ate a muffin and now my digestive system is protesting all over again. I guess it doesn't think solid food is a good idea just yet. Merrrrrrmmmmppphhhh (that's my frustration sound effect).

BUT, I will be back as soon as I shake this thing out. After all, I have to show you all what I now look like after cutting off more than 12" of my hair, right?


  1. Oh, man Amy K. I hope you are feeling better soon. That is the PITS! Can't wait to see your hair.

  2. Food poisoning is the absolute most awful thing you can get that you can "get over." Blegh.

    Take it easy and get as many fluids as you can...solid food can wait, for sure...

  3. Oh! I hope you feel better soon! But I am excited to see your hair reveal!