Thursday, February 23

the fisherman

I can't resist a good greenish-hued jacket, so when I spied this little safari-esque jacket at Forever 21 last weekend, I snapped it up. It's great construction for an F21 piece too — I actually don't feel worried about renegade buttons, seams popping, or spontaneous shrinking.

I did feel a bit like I was going fishing after putting it over my gingham shirt, though. I just need a bucket hat (outfitted with lucky lures, of course), tackle box, and Wellies.

Sorry for the horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE photo quality. Every morning has been overcast lately, so my living room doesn't get the best light. I think this weekend, I'll finally get a tripod so I can just take my photos outside.

shirt, j.crew
jacket, f21
jeans, j.crew
sandals, vintage
bangle, kate spade
black stone ring, novica
leaf wrap ring, from australia




My sandals may look weird, but they are so insanely comfortable. Also, J.Crew's new Malta sandals are inspired by huaraches like mine, so they can't be all that much of a fashion faux pas... right?


  1. LOVE the jacket! Awesome F21 find :)

  2. Your hair looks fab!! i like the outfit too by the way

  3. I love your hair:) I can't wait until mine grows out that's getting there...

  4. I like the look of harachas, so I think your sandals are cute.
    Love the jacket! I bought a similar jacket from F21 last year, lost it on vacation and proceeded to buy the exact same jacket when it was reissued. Sometimes that store just gets something do right.

  5. I looked at your nails and then looked at my own, and they are opposite! I have green nails tipped with a reddish polish. (Although yours is more not red.) Mine are Arrietty inspired. :)

  6. Great jacket! Layering is not complete without a nice khaki coat- and layering is never complete without a J Crew gingham shirt...

  7. Those hurraches are awesome!