Friday, December 11

holiday party dress, take 2

You may or may not remember, dear readers, but tomorrow is my company's holiday par-tay. And I say par-tay because a) I'm super hip (no I'm not) and b) there is a 99.9% chance of drunken karaoke involved. It is an unspoken understanding around these parts that when you add "drunken" to "karaoke," the par-ty is automatically elevated to par-tay status. Especially since there are rumors that my company's founder got up on stage and did a far-too-accurate rendition of "Insane in the Membrane" at the last party (sorry, par-tay), I can only speculate on the kind of holiday shindig my company throws.

That being said, the attire is still "cocktail," so even for a night of booze and nerdy white guys doing angry rap covers, I'm still expected to dress nice. Which I have absolutely no problem with. If you knew me, you'd know that I am game for any excuse to buy a new dress. Examples of previous excuses include the following:

- girl's night out
- hot date
- dinner party
- it's Wednesday
- full moon expected that night
- sneezed 3 times in a row

That being said, procuring a dress for the holiday party tomorrow proved to be way more frustrating than it should ever be to buy a dress. First, I tried on a bajillion (actual figures!) dresses at Anthropologie, but because of my stump-tacular stature, they were all either too long or just hit at the wrong spots. Then I went to Nordstrom and looked at frocks there, but nothing worked out. I decided that I hate the fact that my bum is a good 2 sizes bigger than my upper body, making most dresses that didn't have an A-line cut impossible to fit into.

I finally settled on J.Crew's Crinkle Cascade Dress, which I loved. I bought it in black plum, and found that it was brown on arrival. Sad face. So I exchanged it for black and all was well... for a while. No worries, though, I did manage to snap some pictures, which will be posted soon.

BUT THEN the news came. Our party location was being moved from a climate-controlled venue to a non-heated venue. Read: it will be way too cold for bare shoulders, especially since the venue is little more than an industrial warehouse. I freaked out a bit because the poofiness of the crinkle cascade dress doesn't really lend itself to be layered underneath anything. Or at least, it can't be layered under anything I already own without me looking like I have a really good sense of humor. So it's going back to J.Crew next week.

Luckily, White House Black Market saved me from having to arrive at the par-tay in the buff. During a frantic last-minute rush to the mall last night, I found this beauty in WHMB:

Garnet Satin Sheath Dress, White House Black Market [x]

Hel-looo, dress! It fit like a dream, and the little pleats on the bodice are super flattering and make me look itty-bitty in the waist. Nice! I took my usual size 4 with no fuss. It even slipped on quite well over my bum without being clingy. There were quite a few pretty little dresses at the store, but I went with the only non-white and non-black one there, haha... I like that the red isn't of the HEY LOOKIT ME I'M WEARING RED variety, too. I'd describe it as an almost velvet-y looking shade of red in real life.

I'll be wearing sheer black tights with these layered over them to cover my little legs:

Blair Open Crochet Tights, Urban Outfitters [x]

Sorry for the lack of an OOTD today. I hit snooze too many times and rushed out the door. Siiiigh.


  1. That dress is gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to see it IRL!

    Have fun at the PARTAY!

  2. ohhh lovely outfit! Can't wait to see it too! :)

  3. That's a pretty dress! That sucks about the change of venue though. I can't even imagine being somewhere non-heated right now! The tights are great too...looking forward to seeing the outfit--have a great time.

  4. These two together are going to look so pretty!! I love that WHBM is now doing red pieces. & not just any red. The perfect shade of red. You'll look smashing. What happened to the J.Crew dress with the many ruffles? Did you not like or is that one saved for another par-tay?

  5. I didn't know you did the pictures in the morning before leaving the house?! you have time for that!!!! omg...
    the dress is gorgeous btw...

    and karaoke is bad enough, but drunken karaoke? wow... just hope that no one is going to film it! haha


  6. I loved the J Crew dress on you but I completely agree that it wouldn't layer that well. The dress you found at WHBM is beautiful, can't wait to hear how the party turned out and what songs you ended up singing :o)

  7. Hope you had a fun holiday party! That red dress is hot, I'm pretty sure you look fabulous in it ;)

  8. I nominated you for an award on my blog. Have a great night!

  9. oh my goodness, what a pretty dress - love the color!

  10. first of all, before i even get on how amazingly hot that dress is, i have to say that i am about to fall out of my chair right now from laughing at you! "par-tay," hilarious!! and love all of your reasons to buy a new par-tay dress!:)

    uhh umm, now...about the dress..i love it! i can't wait to see your post.

    oh and p.s.-don't ever say "makes me look itty-bitty," followed by "a size 4!" you ARE itty-bitty! lol!!

  11. Eek! Can't wait to see your lookbook for the holiday party! And of course, can't wait to hear about all of the karaoke debauchery. :)

  12. heey! hope you had fun at your holiday party. can't wait to see pics of your dress! xo

  13. That's such a gorgeous dress!!! i can't wait to see your pciture!! You're goign to post pictures...right???

  14. Just passed you an award on my blog. Check it out :-)

  15. Hi!

    Loving the tights! Would look so good with the red dress!

  16. The dress is divine & the tights with it is so Kelinda. Me loveth!

  17. hi!! hope you're okay and just busy to blog, it's not a bad thing ;)!