Friday, July 15

dun dun dun DUNNNN

GUYS. Some days when it feels like all the joints in my hands ache, and today is one of those days. BLAAAARGH. It's no bueno for someone who types all day long for a living, and I'm pretty certain it's affecting my ability to string together coherent thoughts. Some of my articles are beginning to sound like this:

"U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo recently announced that they are now offering college students the chance to take out a fixed-rate private student loan, which is great for those lucky students who do not suffer from INCREDIBLY IRRITATING hand pain ARGH SO ANNOYING WHY WHY WHYYYYY SAHFDAIUFYCNBACA21U3RFN8WCENA#$#"

That last bit is me thrashing my hands around on the keyboard like I'm playing an especially passionate rendition of Beethoven's 5th. Stirring.

I keep popping my fingers in an effort to alleviate the pain (even though it never works, but I don't learn, do I?) and I know that if Chloe (of The Conspiracy) were here in the office with me, she'd start a mutiny and call for my immediate banishment. Sorry, Chloe.

But stupid hands aside, here's an outfit.

crochet bib cami, h&m
jacket, diane von furstenberg
long and lean jeans, gap
wedge sandals, lauren by ralph lauren
men's belt, american eagle
ring, f21
gold bangle, kate spade

Now before I leave you lovely readers for the weekend, here's some more of Beethoven's 5th for you:


Thank you, and yes, I am classically trained in Keyboard Rage.

Sometimes I seriously can't believe that you actually read the nonsense I post here. I LOVE YOU GUYS.


  1. Hahahaha - Amy, you are too funny.

    Also, you're looking really great lately! Any secrets or magic bullets you care to share?

    I know I've said this before but i really need to look into grabbing a pair of those long and lean jeans for myself. I seem to live in my dojos and REALLY need an alternative...


  2. Those jeans look fabulous on you--that is definitely the cut for you!

  3. Hehehe, too cute! I love your jacket - the shape is great on you. And those jeans are drop dead hotness!

  4. This colour combination looks so great on you! P.S. Hope your hands get well soon.

  5. I was curious about the name of the post but it totally makes sense now. I cannot get the song out of my head. I hope your hands feel better.

  6. You are such a cutie with your ramblings! and your outfit!!

  7. You look great in that turquoise top. Love the deets on it.

    Sorry to hear about your aches and are too young for such things!

  8. Amy you look adorable!! And I know I've said it a bazillion times, but seriously your hair is ridiculously gorgeous. Please don't EVER dye it or chop it!!!! :)

  9. Hahaha that totally sounded like Bethoven!!! Amy you are looking great. Whatever you're doing, it's working so keep up the good work.

  10. LOL! STOP CRACKING YOUR KNUCKLES I CAN HEAR IT ALL THE WAY OVER HERRRRRRRRRRRRRE heebiejeebiesheebiejeebiesheebiejeebies *falls on floor*

    You look adorable though, and that DVF jacket! So pretty! And your hair. I'm going to find you and steal it all (and tell you to STOP WITH THE KNUCKLES), please and thank you. ;)

  11. hahah! Which nail polish are you wearing? That color is so fun for summer.

  12. lol, you crack me up. that's why I keep coming back for more. I would love to see you in action doing an "air keyboard" AND "air guitar" rendition. Maybe you can do a youtube video and post it here? YES! YES!

  13. I love your outfit but am so sorry your poor fingers! I hope your hands start feeling better!