Tuesday, September 1

bleh, J.Crew + Anthro review

I had ordered these little lovelies from J.Crew and Anthropologie a while back, but just got around to actually trying them on.

First, the Anka Jacket from Anthropologie:

And here it is on me:

I loved this jacket when I saw it online, because the shape is oh-so-retro and I love the giant bow. In real life though, the bow didn't look like much, more like just a weird floppy extension of the collar. It's made out of a thin sweater material, and is way too flimsy for its $118 price tag. I wanted to love this, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Next up, the Boiled Wool Regalia Sweater-Jacket from J.Crew:

And here it is on me:

I really love the "band jacket" look, but so far I haven't found any winners. I had tried American Eagle's Sergeant Jacket after seeing Chloe rock it, but it looked plain goofy on me. Grrrr. J.Crew's sweater version didn't do it for me either. It was way too big (look at the sleeves!) and the wool was super itchy. Pass.

Moving on, my outfit for today is pretty uninspired. I was feeling 3 shades of "meh" and just slapped something together.

J.Crew boyfriend tee
Cotton On cardigan
Forever 21 skirt
Payless Fioni peep toes
Calvin Klein belt
Forever 21 flower ring

I found the shoes on clearance for $12, and they're super cute. They are a tad stiff, though, but like I said, they were $12.


  1. That flower ring is so cute! The same thing happens with me and Anthro too! I'll be drooling over an item forever and then once I get around to trying it on, no dice.

  2. isn't it? I saw it at F21 and thought, "how could I NOT get this?"

    it's so disappointing how different things can look in real life from catalogs. :(

  3. I found you through JCA - I wanted the regalia jacket to work so bad!! Thanks for the review - after reading, I don't think it would work for me anyway.

    LOVE.YOUR.$12.SHOES!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Don't suppose there is any use in my searching for them now but I REALLY want some polka-dot peeptoes. :(

  4. mommydearest - I wanted to love it, too! But it really was just huge and itchy, so not worth the price. On another note, it's pretty amazing what cute things you can find at Payless, so keep looking!

  5. Thanks Amy! I'm not sure how the band jacket look would do on me but I'd at least like a chance to try! :) I can't believe they're sold out already. Thanks for the review and for directing me to your great site! Love all the real life photo's. :)