Monday, October 5

mud people

I'm back from Austin City Limits and have a pair of mud-encrusted boots to prove it. I had a super fun time with my festival buddy, and though we were waaaaay far back from the stage, seeing Pearl Jam was AMAZING. Here was my ACL outfit:

Vintage slip dress
Hue tights
Star Ling boots
Urban Outfitters belt
Lucky Brand locket

Blogger does this weird resizing thing that makes all my pictures blurry. You can click on it to see a bigger and clearer version of the mud field at the festival. Note the dirty boots. They got much, much dirtier.

Bad news about my date night, though - I got stood up. Basically, I now have 2 play tickets, a date dress, and no date. I found all this out this morning, which was a great welcome back to Houston (the sarcasm's so thick in that last sentence you could slather it on toast). FRUSTRATING. I'll still post what I had planned to wear, though, once I'm calm and collected and not seething with wrath. Happy thoughts!


  1. I'm sorry - that is lame on his part for standing you up! You are probably better off. I know it sucks though. You should take a girlfriend maybe and have a fun dressy girls night and go for some fun cocktails.

    I really love the outfit you wore to see Pearl Jam! Glad to hear you had a great time!

  2. I love your blog and I love your outfits! please keep posting :)

  3. Oooh, sorry to hear about your jerky play date standing you up! What the heck!? I agree with Summerilla, take a girlfriend and have a fun girls night.
    Great outfit for the festival! I love that you wore a dress. Absolutely LOVE it!!!

  4. those are cute boots! thanks for all the sweet comments you leave on my blog :)

    sorry to hear about date night :( but on the plus side, you won't be wasting a good outfit with bad company. i agree with summerilla--wear it for a girl's night out!

  5. ooh sorry to hear about that. At least you will look good!

    How are your boots holding up after all that playtime in the mud? :D

  6. The getting stood up sucks, got to see Pearl Jam!

  7. oh man...i had heard it was muddy from a few friends but i didn't know it looked like that!

    and sorry about your date night, make it a girls' night so you can still wear your cute dress!!!

  8. hi amy-i'm glad to hear you had a great time. i know you're upset about being stood up, but take the advice of your bloggie loves and go out on the town with some good friends and enjoy yourself. one monkey doesn't stop the show, so go out and have a great time. i hope bird crap falls on his head every day for the next 30 days for what he did to you!!!!

  9. Summerilla - Thanks! I took your advice and invited a good girlfriend out for theatre and cocktails! I think I'll have a way better time with her anyways!

    Anon - Thanks, you better believe I will!

    Pamela - Thanks! Girl's Night Out is a go!

    Tres Tippy - You're welcome! I just love how adorable and Oxford-chic you always look! And you're right that at least I won't be wasting a hot dress on undeserving company, haha!

    Tastymoog - Oh, those boots are a mess, haha! I got most of the mud off, but it still needs a good scrub down.

    Sarah - You're right, I DID get to see Pearl Jam! AHHH! AMAZING.

    Sharon - That wasn't even the worst muddy area, either. It got much sloshier in certain highly-trafficked areas of the park, to the point where my boots kept getting stuck with every step! Totally worth it, though.

    Patina - Thanks, your comment made me so happy! You're so sweet, and you're absolutely right in that I should still have a good time without him. And while I would never wish any harm to anyone, I think getting crapped on by a bird is innocent punishment enough for him!

  10. You are such a gorgeous person, and I know for a fact that he missed out on a great time spent with an awesomely beautiful and stylish girl! BOO for losers!!! Yay for seeing Pearl Jam!

  11. Tatiana - Awww, thank you so much! You're too sweet!

  12. Agree with Tatiana: BOO to that dude. His loss!

    Looove your outfit. I went to Coachella a few years back and had no clue what to wear to these sorts of music festivals--wish I access to your blog back then!

  13. I loooooove the dress with the boots! I want to wear something like this sooooo bad! It's still a little warm here though. This looks so good on you. Rock out!:)

  14. That IS a kick arse outfit. In love with the boots!

  15. Rosemary - Thanks! What did you wear to Coachella? Did you go to all 3 days? I almost went to Coachella when Rage Against the Machine played, but ended up selling my ticket because I couldn't afford to fly over there. Sigh.

    OneFashionistaDiva - Oh, it's still REALLY warm here, haha! As in, 80+ degrees. I still wear boots sometimes, but it's definitely not comfortable. Come on, autumn!

    Kristin - Thanks! Those boots took quite a beating!