Tuesday, October 13

now in tricolor

[UPDATE] I know I have yet to comment back, and have been lacking in visiting my lovelies on my blogroll, but it WILL HAPPEN SOON! I have not forgotten you all! Okay, now, back to work... [/UPDATE]

It's Tuesday, guys! Which means that tomorrow is Wednesday, which is already halfway through the week, which in turn means that Thursday is coming soon, followed by FRIDAY!

This is the kind of thinking that gets me through every work week. It's not that I don't like my job (I love it!), it's just that I'd much prefer sleeping in during the wee hours of the morning rather than spend it sitting in traffic, raging behind the wheel of my Mazda. And work days = early morning raging, while weekends = staying out late and sleeping in.

I like to sleep. Can you tell? I'd even go so far as to say that it's a hobby of mine.

Heritage 1981 ruffle blouse
J.Crew ringspun cardigan
Leifsdottir Honeyed Peplum skirt from Anthro
J.Crew Joley flats
Urban Outfitters belt
Kooba Jaylin bag

I decided to pose with my go-to bag today. This is my trusty Kooba Jaylin purse, and I take this lovely little tote EVERYWHERE. It's quite roomy for something so tiny, and the long strap hanging down is handy for instant messenger-style carrying when I feel to lazy to lug it around on my arm. Yes. I get that lazy.

Kooba Jacinda

I'm hoping to own this one someday. It's the shoulder bag version of my precious Jaylin, and you better believe that it'd be my staple black bag if I can ever get it in my hot little hands!


  1. I really really want your skirt! I will be searching ebay for it! also, the bags look fantastic. Normally I'm more into color in terms of everything, but I'm really loving this Jacinda black one.

  2. great skirt - it really makes the outfit! and the Kooba Jaylin looks like a great piece, the color seems really versatile.

  3. Love the mix of colors in your outfit. I think sleeping is a hobby of mine too, the best is afternoon naps on the weekends, I just love sleeping.

  4. Love your style- funky but chic, always pulled together! Great skirt, btw.

  5. What a cute outfit...and I love all your picture poses! I like your hand bag and I also like to carry my bags messenger style (it comes in handy holding my baby, too!). Btw, afternoon naps are my favorites!

  6. Totally cute bag! I like the versatility of the strap. I'm always looking for things like that!
    Great mix of color! That skirt is great on you!

  7. You kill me in that skirt. I loved it on you so I tried it for me and it was a fail. Now I will live through you.

  8. Did you hear about the Lucky Shops el cheapo Koobo that will be on sale Oct. 16 and 17 at HSN?? Love you in that gorg skirt!

  9. That's an awesome outfit! and I lovee that bag!

  10. Those joley flats are very versatile! I am kicking myself for not getting a pair.

  11. Love your outfit!!!! I agree...you always look cute, funky and pulled together.

  12. You've inspired me to rethink the peplum skirt. I've always been afraid of the style but it looks so adorable on you!! Oh and the Kooba? I want it. Beautiful.

  13. Giiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrll, you look FABULOUS!!! I love the way your use of color! And the Kooba bag....need I say more?! The shape and pockets look so great with the seam detailing on the skirt. Perfect!

  14. Loooove this look! So versatile and fun and just generally awesome. I'm with you on your weekday breakdown. Tomorrow is Thursday, which means just one day until Friday. :)

  15. Angela - Scour eBay for it! It's divine! And colored bags are something I always want, but never can convince myself to get! Is that weird? Haha!

    Christina - The nude-ish color is incredibly versatile! Well, I wear it with everything anyway, haha!

    Summerilla - Yay for sleeping! I don't take naps, though, I always have a headache when I wake up from them. So unfortunate!

    Molly Darling - Aww, thanks!

    JCMama - Messenger style bags are definitely useful! I think I wear it like that 90% of the time, even though I don't have anything as precious as a baby to carry!

    Pamela - Thanks! I think the convertible nature of the bag is what originally drew me to it.

    Sarah - Aww, sorry to hear it didn't work on you. I'll wear it for the both of us!

    Kristin - NO, I didn't hear about that but now I'll be watching it like a hawk, haha!

    Tatiana - Thanks!

    Tastymoog - I wear them far too much! They're not the most comfortable things in the world, but they DO look adorable!

    Martinis - Thanks!

    Patina - Thanks! I love colors, haha!

    Michelle - I was was skeptical of the peplum style at first too, because I'm kind of hippy. But this one surprisingly worked!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Thanks! I always love colors, even if I'm slightly afraid of it in handbags, haha!

    Rosemary - ...and now tomorrow is FRIDAY! YAAAY!

  16. I always love all of your fashion posts! You have amazing style!

    That kooba bag is to die for!

  17. Love your outfit! I'm going through a blue and mustard colored anything stage:) I just stumbled on ur blog today and I really love the outfits that you've posted. Thanks for sharing! P.S. I hope to own a kooba bag one day...*sigh* Have a great week!

  18. Blurbage - Love blue and mustard, haha! Thanks for dropping by, I hope you'll come back! And maaaan I can't wait for my Kooba to arrive!

  19. OHHHH, that Kooba bag. I've wanted the Jaylin or Jacinda forever and ever and ever. A lady came into my workplace the other day carrying a Jacinda and I just about knocked her over for it.

    Great outfit!

  20. You know, you can also use Google Reader or any other kind of RSS Feed to keep up with all the blogs

    I subscribe to about 1000 blogs (and counting yours!), and it makes it a lot easier to keep in touch with updates.

  21. Mmmmm the honeyed peplum skirt!! Jealous.

  22. I love the color combo! Yellow, Navy and purple....who'd a thunk? Love it