Monday, March 22

white fright

There's nothing quite like a chorus of car alarms going on outside to welcome me back to the office this fine Monday morning. I almost want to saunter over to the window and wave my arms around like a conductor -- the conductor of the Downtown Car Alarm Symphony, Movement 1.

"You, Toyota in the front, lay on the WOOWEE WOOWEE WOOWEE. Chevy to the left, chime in with the ERRR ERRR ERRR ERRR!"

favorite striped ribbed tank, gap [x]
ruffle tiered cardigan, j.crew outlet
double serge pencil skirt, j.crew
wide belt, calvin klein
xhilaration black cable tights, target
rita heels, seychelles [x] [x]

I have such a hard time wearing this cardigan. Most of the time I have no idea what to pair it with. I know that sounds crazy because it's just an off-white cardigan, but I don't typically wear light-colored "toppers." As in, I'd have no qualms with wearing a white cami or tee, but white cardigans, jackets, and coats always make me hesitate. I know, it's weird. So while this cardigan hangs prettily in my closet, I never take it out of there often as I'm much more likely to reach for a black or navy cardigan rather than this one. Do any of you have certain colors that you're just "uncomfortable" with?


  1. I for one LOVE the cardigan on you :) Looks great! I guess I don't really own any white cardigans/coats, so I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with them...maybe not!

  2. I like the different blue tones on you and the pretty ivory cardi. Pencil skirts just rock.

    I really like white but don't really wear it as an "outer" piece bc the day I wear a white jacket or pants is the day I sit on a ketchup stain or lean on wet paint.

    And I'm weird about yellow too - I really like it but have trouble finding a shade that works for me.

  3. Looking good and I was on the verge of pulling out that skirt this morning. I love it paired with the striped tank and think it looks fantastic.
    As for colors I find questionable on me, I think gold is an iffy one for me. It feels a bit too regal, but maybe for the holidays it's more appropriate??

  4. Lol! Great mix of colors; the color of the skirt is just fabulous.

  5. very cute look- love the skirt and it's color!

    I have color phobia when it comes to tan/skin colors, yellow, and green. I look terrible in most of these colors- either washed out or sickly looking.

  6. This outfit is really cute! I really like how the belt pulls it all together.

    I think my biggest color phobia is white, esp on full-length pieces like coats and dresses. They look awful on me, but I LOVE how they look on other people. I'm trying to get over this, so I'm still hunting for the perfect white summer dress.

  7. I'm glad you wore your pretty cardigan today - it reminds me of the one Dea just posted from F21 - love the ruffles!

    I'm on the opposite end and hesitate with black pieces - I've always associated this color with being "sexy" and that is so NOT me - lol.

  8. Love the cardigan its very pretty and you styled it really nice. My problem color is orange somes I feel I look to Halloweenish, LOL

  9. this cardigan is adorable! It may be out of your comfort zone, but I think it looks fab!

    My problem color is red- I feel like my whole face looks red when I wear it and like I am screaming "look at me look at me"

  10. Love the outfit! For some reason, I have a problem with the color gray! It's one of my favorite colors and it can be worn with almost anything (pruple, yellow, teal...), but I just get...nervous! Haha!

  11. I almost never wear pink or red, I'm down with different shades of them, though (like tomato red, fuchsia, burgundy).

    You did a good job with the ivory cardi! I wonder how it would look with that airplane dress from anthro... have you tried that already?

  12. I think you did a wonderful job pairing the cardigan with the skirt and top. I have been eyeing the tank from that gap and for the life of me I don't know why I didn't buy it during the last promo. Woe is me.

  13. I love this outfit! Great use of color, texture, and print. The skirt is beautiful against the stripes. And your shoes are gorgeous, too!

  14. I love the navy and white with the bright aqua, it really pops!

    The only color cardigan I have a hard time with is black. I have to wear it a lot for work with our dark dress code but I RARELY pull it out otherwise.

  15. i love your posts, they always make me smile and sometimes literally LOL :) since i am mostly comfortable wearing black, white, grey, and navy blue, i'd have to say any other colors make me UNcomfortable lol.

  16. I really love the way you pulled this together...I have the same style cardi (with tiered ruffles) and have always felt like I haven't styled it "just right" when wearing it...totally feeling you on that one!!

  17. I thought the cardi looks familiar- I have on in neutral beige. I am like you in not wearing too amny white/light cardis. You pulled the entire look beautifully. Striped tee is very comlimentary to chiffon rows.

  18. I feel the same way about white/beige/light colored tops. I can finally wear lighter colors but still don't feel quite at home in them.

    I think this combination was a great way to work this piece in!

  19. Have you ever heard Dane Cook talk about car alarms? Even if you think he is the king of lameness, that skit is funny.

  20. Great outfit, Amy! And your shoes, ohhh those shoes. *grabs*

  21. caffeinerd - Thanks! I know I don't own a white coart because I am endlessly paranoid that I'll ruin its white-ness, but it is something I swoon over... But seeing as how I feel odd in white toppers, maybe it's a good thing I don't own one, haha!

    Lisa - I love a good pencil skirt! And I hear ya on the inevitability of sitting on ketchip the day you wear white. I have a feeling it would happen to me too! I have white pants that I am too afraid to wear most days, haha!

    DEA - Oh man, it would've been great if we were wearing the same skirt, haha! I don't really have much gold aside from ghold jewelry. I wonder how it'd look?

    Stylestance - Thanks!

    Meli22 - Aww, sorry to hear that you have to avoid all those colors! Maybe the key is finding the exact shade that works for you? I know sometimes the difference is in the "background" color -- like, if you look bad in ashy or cool yellows, you probably would look fine in warm yellows, if that makes any sense. I know that I typically look like I have scurvy if I wear "cool" yellows, haha! So I have to stick to goldenrod-ish tones.

    Christina - Ooo, a perfect white summer dress sounds awesome! I have a problem with long white dresses because I always feel like I'm in a pseudo wedding gown, haha!

    Jan Russell - Oh yeah, I see the resemblence! And how crazy that you feel the same way about black that I feel about white, haha! Black to me is just another neutral, though I tend to like navys more.

    Monique - Thanks! I can definitely see how orange can register as too Halloweenish. The trick is probably to go for a non-pumpkin orange, like rust or something with a bit more red in it. And of course, avoid pairing it with black, haha!

    spiffy - Aww, thanks! I have the same problem with red too! That cardigan and my red coat are the only red things I own -- and even then the cardigan is more of a cranberry red than a true red.

    Ciara - Aww, I bet you look awesome in gray! Maybe you can try different shades of it? (darker, lighter, heathered, solid, etc) I love grays!

    tastymoog - I'm the same way, I almost never wear pinks or reds (except for my cardigan and coat). And no, I haven't tried it with the airplane dress yet, though I want to now! Thanks for the idea!

    Patina - Thanks! The tank is super cute, maybe it'll go on sale so you can get it!

    Tien - Thanks!

    Debye - Maybe it's because you have to wear it all the time that you don't go for it outside of work, haha! I can totally understand that!

    tres tippy - Aww, thanks! You look fabulous in ALL colors, so you should definitely wear them more often! Though you also manage to wear your go-to colors so well that I never notice you only wear those shades, haha!

    Eleanor - Thanks! It definitely is a tricky piece to style! Sometimes the ruffles are just too much!

    Slastena - Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels weird in light cardigans, haha! Though I have no issues with my mint one... hmm...

    bonjouritsjinah - I wonder why it is that we're so "afraid" of those light tops? I mean, I can wear white tees and camis without an issue, but once it's on a cardigan, I get freaked out, haha!

    abigail - Aww, thanks!

    sarah - I forgot about that skit! I dislike Dane Cook, but I do admit that one was pretty hilarious.

    Chloe - Thanks!

  22. Amy I LOVE this combo. One of my faves.