Tuesday, January 18


I've been waking up 10 minutes later than usual lately and I couldn't even tell you why other than that maybe my internal clock is in another time zone -- you know, one that is only 10 minutes behind Central time. This is the same internal clock that always makes me miss the first preview every time I go to the movies, and that doesn't sit well with me because I love watching previews, almost as much as I love watching movies. Unless that preview is for The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which looked so bad, and not in that deliciously bad way like trailers for any Jason Statham movie, but in a decidedly bad bad way, though the movie itself was pretty decent despite Jay Baruchel amping up his Jay Baruchel-ness to never before seen levels. Seriously, just when you think he's reached the pinnacle of gangly, nerdy, and awkward, he out-Jay-Baruchels himself.

The point being that I've been having to scuttle to work without snapping any decent photos in the apartment. So, here is another set of work-bathroom-mirror pictures. Classy!

In retrospect, the cropped jacket with the long shirt wasn't the best idea because all it does is emphasize my midsection and draw attention to my stumpy legs. Both bad things.

buffalo checked shirt, j.crew outlet
gray cami, cotton on
jacket, diane von furstenberg
skinny jeans, gap
red flats, target
gold ring, f21
silver rings, from australia
gold bangle, kate spade

Inspired by my misstep of wearing too short a jacket with too long a shirt, I've decided to try my hand at a new feature for next week: Breaking the Rules Week. Because while many sartorial rules exist to prevent people from wearing garbage bags and tiaras, there are some that I believe can be broken if executed properly.

For example, navy and black or brown and black. Both apparently should not be combined but HA! I laugh! Those hues can be mixed together in a single ensemble without making the wearer look like she simply couldn't find her black belt to match with her black dress. So leave in the comments what fashion rules you'd like to see broken, and maybe some of you fellow bloggers can even join me in breaking the rules next week! I'll hammer out more details of this later.


  1. I actually think your outfit is really cute! Your legs don't look stumpy at all! As for fashion rules I like to break: pattern mixing and bright colors in the winter. I'd love to join you in breaking the rules next week :)

  2. I think the cropped jacket with the checked shirt is cute! And I adore brown and black- I`m breaking the rules as we speak!

    I like this idea- long skirts on shorties is a rule I`ve been breaking recently (heels are a must...)

    winter white?!

  3. ha! i love "garbage bags and tiaras." this outfit is really cute ~ especially with the short jacket! i love rule breaking - i'll play. my latest was a double whammy: plaid w/polka dots AND brown w/black. look at me, living on the edge.

  4. I think this outfit looks super cute on you, seriously! And it's totally ok to take pictures at work-bathroom-mirror...I do it all the time...I wouldn't be able to snap any outfit photos otherwise since I'm always running late in the morning. Darn snooze button :)

  5. I think your outfit is super cute! You've mixed proportions expertly! Love the idea of a "rule breaking" post. How about wearing the same colour head to toe? Very fashion runway but super hard to do well IRL.

  6. You are crazy your legs and mid section look GREAT!!! I agree some rules should be broken and some like: No tube tops EVER! Should not!

  7. I think the cropped jacket and long top look GREAT on you! I think it's actually lengthening on you!!

    I was going to suggest the fashion "rule" of not wearing pantyhose and sandals...but um...maybe some rules SHOULDN'T be broken!!!


  8. What a fabulous idea! I love it! I think most of the "rules" that I've thought about have already been mentioned.

    What I will say is that your legs do NOT look stumpy! You're gorgeous!

  9. You look great in casual as you do in dressier outfits Amy. You are right about the rules in fashion - it's all about HOW you wear it. I am anticipating what rules you will break this week!

  10. Cute post title! You know what's funny, I've been thinking about plaid today - I need more!

    Btw, you're really pretty!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  11. Love your nail polish and your outfit is super cute!

  12. I love plaid, you look so cute.