Wednesday, February 16


Just so you guys know, my OOTDs are actually Outfits of the Yesterday because of timing, editing, etc, etc. So today's OOTD is what I wore yesterday, and today I'm actually wearing jeans (which you'll see tomorrow). The point of my explaining this is that just now, one of my coworkers asked me in all seriousness -- "Have I ever seen you wearing jeans before?"

I wear jeans. I swear I do. In fact, I own a respectable amount of pants that are neatly folded in my closet, sorted by wash (black to dark to medium-dark to "wow those look like they're from 1998"). I suspect that the reason he doesn't remember me ever wearing denim is because it's so tame and normal compared to my dress and skirt ensembles. Maybe because unlike my frocks, my pants don't come in papaya pink or plaid or with a lacy trim. (Although if you find pants like that, hook me up, you guys.)

Which got me wondering -- do any of you other dress-and-skirt wearing ladies experience the same befuddlement whenever you decide to throw on a pair of jeans?

That being said, today -- er, yesterday's -- outfit is denim-less. But it does come with one free goofy expression!:

you're welcome.
sailing stripes blouse, anthropologie
long cardigan, gap [x-ish]
slinky maxi skirt, f21 [x]
sandals, dsw
studded belt, j.crew
skull ring, ebay
gold bangle, kate spade

It is getting toastier and toastier here in Texas, and my feet could not be any happier in sandals. If there's one thing I love about warmer weather, it's letting my toes breathe.

Also, after some delay, I finally received the Madewell bag I mentioned in this post. My initial reactions? "Yay! AWW, SO CUTE!" "Hmm, that leather is kind of meh." "BUT IT'S SO CUTE!" "But I also paid quite a lot for it and the leather. So meh!" "BUT--" "I KNOW, BUT--"

So I'm torn. Maybe visiting the second contender, the Fossil bag, can help me make a decision. I will post up pictures of it tomorrow, along with a better review that involves less use of the CAPS LOCK key.

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  1. You look so good! I need that skirt! Did you have to hem it at all Amy? I'm a shortie, so I know I would have to but I finally want to try wearing maxi dresses and skirts this year =)

    I'm the complete opposite btw: I wear jeans about 90 percent of the time in Winter. Not so much in Spring and Summer because it gets HOT here! But I love the options I have with skinny pants. They act as a sort of blank canvas for me.

  2. Oh my heavens you look fantastic. I love that maxi on you and the color combination is beautiful.

    I usually find myself in a conundrum when I wear pants. I'm never quite sure about them. And I used to only wear pants. How odd is that?

  3. i have the opposite problem - i almost always (99% of the time?) wear pants, but i loooove skirts. i'm just lazy and my jeans "go with everything". this is probably what attracted me to your blog in the first place. :)

    looove that shirt, by the way!

  4. I've been loving these maxi lengths on you lately, Amy K! I wonder if I could pull it off...? And yes!! I get curious stares when I wear jeans, too- that is to say, maybe 5 days in a year.

  5. I LOVE that skirt. Did you get that at F21 recently? just wondering, because if so, I'd like to look for one myself tomorrow at the mall:)

  6. Oh a girl after my own heart! I hardly ever wear jeans either. I love the way you styled the maxi skirt. I gotta get one!

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  7. I have the opposite- I think people notice when I DON'T wear jeans! haha!

  8. Haha, I bought a pair of shorts today, and it was almost physically painful. I needed a new pair, but kept thinking about the money I could've spent on a dress...XD
    Great outfit, you look so cute! I always like the red wall in the background of your photos, too. :D

  9. Oh, I love this outfit. The colors are so beautiful together and the long maxi is so flowy and feminine.

    And I am so jealous that you are wearing sandals now. We are being blessed with a 60 degree weather day tomorrow, so I might have to go all out for the occasion, which in my case means no tights. :)

  10. I LOVE the Madewell bag, much better than the fossil :)

  11. Yes - I've totally had this type of response from people around me. Probably because I don't wear pants out of personal preference and tradition within my church. However... this winter when it was -8 degrees, I totally wore pants a couple of days to the office and my boss said he was going to send out a news bulletin! :)
    BTW, love your outfit today. So jealous you are having sandal weather, although we do have some warmer temps here in Indiana this week - woohoo! :)

  12. cute top! and I can't wait to wear sandals!! I love that bag- I saw one similar in Nordy's and thought of you!!

  13. I looooooooove that skirt on you and I NEED it in my life! :)

  14. So cute! I am so glad that Texas is getting warmer! I wore jeans and a tee today, but I can't wait to bust out my sandals! :) I am more of a jeans girl, but I want to start wearing more dresses. I just get so nervous wearing dresses and skirts. >_< I don't why I do...but I do!

    The color on your nails is wonderful! Who is it by?

  15. I love the maxi skirt trend, you look great in them! I'm not surprised you get strange looks when you wear jeans, you don't seem to often! I just recently found your blog and I have to say I love it!

  16. Sandals? Boo. so jealous. You always look adorable, Amy!

  17. I love how you rock the long skirt...and I of course love the color combo!

  18. I love everything!

    But like Ciara's question, what color is your nail polish?

  19. Hehe, hilarious.

    I don't get a lot of befuddlement at denim, but I do get a lot of befuddlement at dresses. I.e., "Why are you so dressed up?"

  20. so cute! love your blog :)

  21. amy, 1st ~ this outfit is so so cute! i can't get over how great the long cardigan looks with the maxi skirt and i love the sandals. it was 70 degrees here today! it's so nice to be warm again. 2nd ~ people always flip out at work when they see me wear pants (i rarely do to work). but with casual fridays they're now used to seeing me in jeans. :) 3rd ~ i'm so bummed about the madewell bag, but i was afraid the leather might be not as great in person. the fossil bag is so cute too! ~ susan

  22. ohhh.. that is so so cool how you styled that maxi skirt! I may try to recreate that!



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  23. Amy K brings on the first sandal sighting of 2011!

  24. You are so cute! Looks like H-town is out of winter now :)

    P.S. If you feel like the leather is only okay, I would try to find a better quality bag. They are out there!

  25. Yesterday when I was at the shops I saw lots of maxi skirts and dresses and I considered for a moment trying them on but then decided no. I'm afraid it won't look good on me but I love how you are able to pull it off. Especially with the sandals and the long cardigan. Hmmm. I guess I won't know unless I try it, huh?

  26. i love the colors in your outfit! looks so effortless...
    and yea, i have the opposite problem, people usually comment when i'm not wearing jeans/jeggings...