Friday, April 15

the boy jacket

The weekend! It is here! I don't know about you guys, but I plan to do a whole lot of nothing this entire weekend and enjoy every second of it.

At least, that's the plan. It always manages to never go as planned, though. Somehow, I always get coerced into doing something on the weekends that I don't want to do anything. Of course, the weekends where I want to do something are the ones where I end up doing nothing.

Sometimes life is exactly like an Alanis Morissette song.

striped sequined cami, j.crew factory
boy's jacket, gap kids
jeans, gap
wedges, lauren by ralph lauren
monocle necklace, gift
ring, f21

You know, Alanis's "Hand In My Pocket" wouldn't be a bad song to model a life after. I mean, she talks about giving high fives and playing pianos and hailing taxi cabs (huh?), and that all sounds pretty rad to me. Except for the whole "I'm broke/poor/sick/etc" part. I'd rather just have the high fives and piano playing, thanks.

UPDATE: I wrote this post in such a rush that I didn't even realize that I failed to talk about my outfit at all! Yeesh, where is my brain? (hint: already in Boston) The jacket is from Gap Kids because let's face it -- kids usually have some really awesome clothes, so I will shop in the kid's section whenever I can! Now if only I can figure out how to fit my adult feet into those adorable glitter flats from Crewcuts...

The jeans, last seen in this post, are suuuuper long because only the "regular" length was available in the store, so I can only wear them with my tallest heels or wedges. I haven't tried any other Gap jeans from the Long & Lean line, but if they fit half as well as these do, I'm a fan!

Have a great weekend, you guys!


  1. I love seeing you in jeans Amy! I have yet to buy a pair that aren't skinny but I know how popular wide leg jeans are this season. You look great!

  2. Great outfit! Just the kinda thing I'd wear :D Love Alannis, and boo to whatshisname who broke her heart. She's back stronger and better! Have a great weekend doing nothing...I need one of those too!

  3. I love me some Alanis, such a lovely pissed off voice she has. Great jacket.
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  4. Hello?? Amy K?? Are we going to addressyour amazing jeans at all? I need sizing details asap please. You look amazing in them O.o

  5. I LOVE those jeans and you look great in them! This is totally my kinda outfit!

  6. Awesome jacket...I have a similar one on today :)

  7. I love that you got the jacket from the kids' section! I'm always so envious of the cute kid clothes as opposed to the pretty unimaginative stuff I see in the adult section. :'D

  8. Thank goodness it's the weekend- I shall try and channel your coolness this weekend!

  9. love your outfit - your jacket is tops!

  10. I love you all casual!
    I have a military jacket from Gap kids too...but even better than shopping the kids section is sharing/taking clothing from my own two!
    I pick them out...we already know I like them!

  11. You always have a way of making a casual outfit look so fabulous! That coat rocks...great find! Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. cute, cute! I love wearing stuff from kids section of JCrew, Gap, and Old Navy! Also...souvenir t's at airports. LOL

  13. Love the kids jacket. I find myself shopping in kids sections for tees and boys sweaters - they're always so much cheaper and fit totally fine....sometimes better than big people stuff.

  14. I love that yellow-striped top. It goes beautifully with your army-green jacket. Have a lovely time in Boston!

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