Monday, October 17


It's been a good 1.5 weeks since I've last posted, but I make no apologies. Why? Because I was on vacation all last week (though I didn't really go anywhere), where I also unplugged from blogging, Facebook-ing, and tweeting as well, and it was awesome. I mean, I hadn't planned on giving up all those things during my week off, but it turns out that when you're just sitting around at home watching the extended cut of Lord of the Rings all day, there's not much to tweet about.

But now I'm back to my ol' routine of work and blogging, but after nearly brushing my teeth with my face wash this morning, I can tell that readjusting to waking up at normal hours is not going to be without its challenges.

And finally, here's an outfit from a few weeks ago. I'll have more recent ones to come!

shirt, j.crew
vest, j.crew
jeans, j.crew
flats, urban outfitters
necklace, f21
ring, from australia

I also am super excited to share my latest cross-stitching project with you guys -- true to my word, I've been working on an Optimus Prime. And as an added bonus, since my design is completely original this time, I can sell it to those of you who are interested. Woohoo! I'll also have a completed mini-Prime to sell for all you Transformers fans, too. STAY TUNED!


  1. LOTR extended= always a good use of time. No excuses needed ;) LOVE your glasses necklace :)

  2. Your week off sounds dreamy. Maybe I need to plug into some LOTR...but wait, no, I still have 500 pages of 'Dances with Dragons' to read...

    Instead, I shall just reflect on how marvelous a button-up sweater vest is, and how I need to find a soft cashmere-y one for myself posthaste! I love the necklace too!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your time off! We all need some "unplugged" time I think sometimes! Looking cute, as always!

  4. Like I need to go out and buy anything else, but I suddenly would like a black vest. And it's good to "untech" for a while, makes you realize how much free time you've suddenly got!

  5. Unplugging is good for the soul ~ glad you enjoyed your time off!

  6. Loving the shirt and sweater vest combo!!!

  7. Sometimes it feels good just to unplug from everything, right? I love your fall's about time for Houston to get cooler, I am hoping!

  8. Sometimes it is good to unplug & just enjoy what is around us :)