Thursday, January 26

the mustard bouquet

Let me tell you guys something. Come in closer. Closer. Is your nose touching the monitor? Good.

Wearing heels the day after you first start working out again is a bad idea, especially if your thighs feel like fire every time you try to sit down / stand up / take a step / do anything involving movement in the lower half of your body.

Spread the word. Knowledge is power.

dress, lulus
cardigan, j.crew
tights, merona for target
booties, seychelles
belt, f21
watch, fossil
bangle, kate spade
skull ring, ebay
black stone ring, novica




And sorry for the weird coloring in these photos. It was especially gloomy out yesterday, so I had to use my living room lights, which photographs weird. Hmm... Also, my nail polish looks strange because I hadn't yet put on enough coats of the gray or silver glitter, so my gray nails look moldy and my silver nail looks... well, like there's nothing on there. But it's fixed today! If only you guys could see...


  1. You look so pretty! I'm still on the hunt for a mustard or charteuse cardi. So far no luck, boo!

  2. Ouch! Good advice...which I will need whenever I get back to exercising! I haven't moved since winter took away my power of running outdoors. ugh.

    Love the mustard cardigan with the florals!

  3. oh, girl, i know that pain! when it hurts to even sit and pee!

    But it's a good hurt. At least that's what I tell myself.

  4. I wore platforms for the first time in forever to a party last weekend and had to take them off halfway through because my legs were so tired! And I always bring a backup pair of flats to wear at work when I plan on wearing heels, just in case. So I feel ya!

  5. I love that mustard cardi. Perfect lenght for the dress...just lovely!

    And I absolutely adore your blog, such an inspiration!