Wednesday, January 11

so many pleats, but so little fun

This outfit seemed cooler in my head than in execution. I think maybe with a bright skirt and a plain white button-up (instead of a striped one), it'd look better. As is, it's pretty "ho hum, that's a lot of drab colors... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnzzzzzzzznnnxxxxx...." Next time!

But at least my nails made it slightly more interesting, maybe? I loved Jessie's "Galaxy Nails," so I
just had to try it out for myself, especially since I have a not-so-secret fascination with all things space-related. Despite my general lack of motor skills, I think they turned out pretty good! (And please ignore how dry and crazy my fingers look. I'm working on it.)


Try not to fall asleep while looking at this outfit. Unless you're an insomniac and desperately need something to help you knock out after you've been awake for 3 days straight, in which case, let the outfit work its magic and give in. Give in to the sweet, blissful haze of slumber's embrace... zzzzzzzz--wha? Sorry, here we are:

shirt, gap
jacket, diane von furstenberg
skirt, anthropologie
tights, target
booties, seychelles
belt, calvin klein
ring, novica




Heading out to Houston's Alamo Drafthouse tonight for the release of Houston's own Scarlet Spider (see here for more details if you're so inclined). Even though I don't follow comics or anything (Boyfriend is the geek of that department, which is why we're going to this panel tonight), I'm still stoked that my city finally gets a superhero! I never understood why New York City got all the supers anyway, so I'm glad one of them finally made his way down here.

And then tomorrow I have jury duty. Wah-wahhhhh.


  1. That first picture is different than the rest, right?

  2. Ugh, jury duty is the worst! I don't think this outfit is sleep inducing at all. It's probably because I love that skirt!

  3. I think you look cute and didn't yawn one bit!

  4. I'm not sure what you are talking about - I think you look great. Jury duty is a pain but at least it's a day off from work!

  5. I love it, actually!! But, of course, your DVF MVP goes a long way, but I always love khaki with navy stripes. Kinda wish I hadn't missed out on the skirt- it looks great belted!

    I had to do jury duty for a month! It was an interesting experience though...

  6. modernmom -- Good eye! Yup, it's from a previous outfit I had on before I changed into this one. I'm so indecisive sometimes...

    Jenn -- Aww, thanks! And yes, it's pret-ty bor-ing. I'm glad I had a good book to read!

    Dea -- Thanks, lady!

    eek -- Haha, this is true! But truth be told, I would've rather been at work...

    thatdamngreendress -- Oh yeah, I do love my DVF! And you would totally rock this skirt -- you look amazing in full skirts! YIPES, jury duty for an entire month?! It must've been a doozy of a case!

  7. I love the nails! It turned out really great! :D