Tuesday, September 29

gym dudes are creepy

Some gym guys are just creepy. You know the ones I'm talking about: the show-off ones who try to lift way more than is necessary and grunt REALLY LOUD so everyone will know that they are lifting it, the hairy ones sporting muscle shirts and gold chains who don't really do much but walk laps around the machines, and the ones with the bluetooth headset on WHILE WORKING OUT. Hello? Who wants to talk to you while you're panting on the treadmill?

dmbm sheer floral blouse
J.Crew cardigan
J.Crew double serge pencil skirt
J.Crew patent Joley flats
J.Crew classic leather belt
F21 flower ring

I can't get enough of this belt, and really wish I had it in every color! I'm eyeing the new studded ones J.Crew put out, especially in yellow. Yum!


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  2. i had the weird police dude who would touch my sweaty arms while staring at my boobs...he's was such a perv. I almost went jennifer lopez (enough movie) on him, but a "DO NOT TOUCH ME EVER AGAIN did the trick. Lovely outfit, Amy. I have an orange belt and love it. Like I wrote in my post today...it just gets lost with all the other lovelies in my closet. Oh, I hear it calling *pick me, pick me*-think i will dig it out and wear it. I was kinda of boring and only wore it with orange and navy, but you're given me more ideas, so I'm going to try it with different colors.

  3. I LOVE that skirt! I have long-lusted over the bow skirt in that color and have yet to find it :-(

  4. I don't care if the guys sweat on the weights. I don't have to use them. But don't leak on the treadmills! It's so disgusting.

    Love this outfit. I wouldn't have tried navy with it. Very nice!

  5. SUPER cute outfit!!! i love the color combo! and you are soo daring to sport the orange belt! ahhh i wish i had the courage!!

    i totally agree about the gym. ick! and they LOVE to stare at themselves when lifting too!! conceited!!!!!

  6. Work it!! Super hot skirt! I hate creepy gym guys!! @ the Y in my super small town there is a guy who always brings a friend, like a different friend every other day, like he is just finding random ppl to use his free friend pass on....and he is so loud!!! I think he just brings them to the gym to make sure he can bench more than them! LOL It is awful! :x

  7. Another adorable pencil skirt ensemble! Seriously, I'm quite inspired to dust off all my pencil skirts and jazz them up a la kelinda.Kelinda style. :)

    And yes, Gym dudes are the worst! When I first saw your title post, my thoughts ran back to a muscle tee wearing hairy guy I saw everyday back in my gym days. I had no idea there were more of his kind stalking gym floors countrywide. Ha!

  8. i think these gym dudes are just so insecure, they have to compensate by playing the macho man at the gym. it's so ridiculous!

    over the weekend, i was in the car and glanced at the car next to me. i literally saw 3 of those stereotypical gym dudes, each wearing their own blue tooth headset! it looked like a commercial for tool academy lol

  9. tres tippy I am laughing aloud. HILARIOUS! TOTAL TOOL ACADEMY! There was a gym dude who use to go around and pick up all those extra weights you can add to the machines. he had them stockpiled and made a big production of it. We'd just laugh at him. TOOL!

    Oh, and I love that color of your skirt! I so want to order it right now!

  10. I love the colors! So beautiful together, but not something I would initially think of. Great combination.

  11. I hate the weird creepy gym leerers. They are the scariest!

  12. Patina - He touched you?! That right there already warrants a Jennifer Lopez move! Ick! I'm glad he left you alone after you stood up for yourself, though! -applause- And do give that orange belt some love!

    Kim - I remember that bow skirt! I never got to try it on, because my B&M store only had it in huge sizes. Boo!

    Gigiofca - Blech, I remember seeing those treadmills covered in sweat. AVOID.

    Ashley - You're so right, they DO stare at themselves when they lift! That's kind of creepy. I know some do it to make sure they keep their form correct, but others seem to be scoping themselves out.

    Only the Good Stuff - Haha, I bet that guy did only bring those friends to impress them! Like, "Check out how much I can bench! GRUNT!"

    Rosemary - I do love a good pencil skirt! Although I only have 2... And maybe we're talking about the same guy! He must be stalking gyms nationwide. Eww!

    Tres Tippy - HAHAHA! Oh my gosh, were they all in the same car?! That's just ridiculous!

    Pamela - Wow, was that guy gathering weights for the winter or something? I mean, who stockpiles weights?!

    Stephanie - Thanks!

    Sarah - Eww, I had an encounter with one of those the other day. I wanted to throw my water bottle at him!

  13. Ohhh...yes...I am familiar with the "grunters!" They are endlessly searching for attention in everything they do!!!

  14. Haha.. know exactly what you mean at weird gym guys. btw, love your ruffle top. : )

  15. loving the orange belt Amy. It's my favorite part of the outfit. As Olympia Dukakis says in Steel Magnolias, The only thing separating us from the animals is our ability to accessorize!

  16. Oh Amy, I love the way that you use colors! I love that mint colored skirt! Your entire outfit looks so fun!

  17. Ok, so I'm officially in love with this outfit! I love everything about it!!! Way to work it out girl! And you are so right about some of those weirdos!

  18. Yogagirl - Ick, grunters! I don't know whether to be happy or dismayed that I'm not the only one who notices these weirdos at the gym!

    SavvyGal - Thanks!

    NoJCrewinJapan - I love that orange belt, too! And great quote!

    OneFashionistaDiva - That skirt definitely makes me happy just because of the color. Now if only I could find a way to keep it from wrinkling after a few hours behind the desk!

    Tatiana - Thanks!

  19. Ahhhhhhhh, total pet peeve. Girls are there to work out, not to get hit on. Well, most of them anyway. Ah ha. Love that skirt!

  20. this outfit is a super puffy heart winner. that belt and skirt makes me do flips.