Tuesday, October 27

fish tacos = bad idea.

Oooooh boy, let me tell you darling readers first and foremost that I normally have a stomach of steel. I grew up on a healthy diet of Captain Crunch, Dunkaroos, and Pop Tarts. Oh, my parents tried to take those away from me, but I had my ways of sneaking them back in. I was kind of like that kid with The Stash in the movie Heavy Weights. Except I never shared, bwahaha! Come to think of it, it's amazing that I'm not glowing in the dark right now as a result of all those sugary preservatives I ingested for a good decade of my life.

Anyway, I digress - the point is that these days, I can eat just about anything. So how surprised was I that after having some tasty Tex-Mex style fish tacos for lunch, my stomach started protesting? Hint: very surprised. Ugh.

GAP citron tee
GAP schoolboy blazer
J.Crew hipslung jeans
J.Crew Joley flats
H&M scarf
Lucky Brand bracelet
Handmade 'Steggy' necklace + Lucky Brand locket + random chains

New topic: it has come to my attention from the lovely Pippa that one of my photos is being used by a seller on eBay to shill the Leifsdottir Honeyed Peplum skirt. That seller is not me. And I am both simultaneously amused that my photo is being used, and also kind of creeped out. Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do in this situation? Do I contact eBay? The seller? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Also, keep telling me what you'll dress up as for Halloween if you haven't already! I'm having so much fun reading them!


  1. ohh i like your bracelet. I've seen ebayers use of a lot other people's photos. Maybe you should directly contact that seller and ask him or her to take off the photo?

  2. This happened to Chloe last spring, look at her post for April 20, 2009! I believe she contacted the seller and asked that it be removed. You look so cute today!

  3. Hahaha, yup, what Kathy said. I also decided at that point that it was totally time for me to start my career as a headless Ebay model.


    Let me be honest, though- fish tacos never sound like a good idea. But I'm also not into seafood...so the concept of having seafood in a taco makes me feel all hurty and pukey inside. :(

  4. What a bummer. I LOVE fish tacos and I LOVE that blazer!

  5. Aw, sorry you feel sick. At least you look nice! I love the whole outfit. Navy + citron are two of my favorite colors together and I like how the scarf complements but isn't too matchy-matchy. Feel better soon!

  6. fish tacos sounds really good! Too bad that you got tummy ache though. cute outfit & you look so cozy with that scarf.

  7. Amy this blazer! I LOVES it!!! I nominated you for an award on my blog. I love your blog!!!!

  8. I really love that blazer! About the ebay situation, I think Gigiofca had been in a same situation. That's why she watermarks all her pics now. I think you could ask her for how to handle with this situation. I had someone use my picture on ebay and what you can do is report that listing directly to ebay of what that seller is violating and contact the seller to remove your picture. HTH and get better soon!

  9. I think the eBay thing happened to Chloe too...I think it is so creepy that someone would use a photo of a random stranger (and I don't mean out of a catalog).

  10. sorry to hear about your stomach! if it's really bad take some pepto...it'll coat your stomach and has antimicrobial properties.
    oh goodness that is so sketchy! this is why i watermark my pics. depending on when the auction ends, maybe contact the seller asking them to remove it and tell them they have a certain time frame before you contact ebay to have them remove it? good luck!

  11. Tamstyles - Thanks!

    Angela - I'm going to do just that! Why do these sellers think it's okay to do this?

    Kathy - AHH, creepy stalker ebay sellers are attacking bloggers everywhere!

    Chloe - I'll bet that you were the best headless ebay model EVER! And I love seafood, but maaan those fish tacos did me wrong!

    Kristin - Bummer indeed!

    e - Thanks! I felt a lot better later on that night, but those few hours where the fish tacos were feuding with my digestive system were horrible.

    Daily Lily - Fish tacos normally ARE really good, and these were... it's too bad my tummy couldn't handle it!

    NoJCrewinJapan - Awww, thanks! I love your blog too! It's part of my "must read" list! I'll do a post on it tonight!

    jcmama - Ah, I see! Thanks for the advice, I'm definitely going to notify the seller. It's just creepy that someone found my photos and is using them to sell their things!

    sarah - I agree, it's SUPER CREEPY!

    tres tippy - No worries, my stomach's allll better now! I remember I swore by Pepto when I was in college, but now I never have any in my medicine cabinet. Grrrr... This may sound like a silly question, but how do you watermark your pictures?

  12. Is your blazer on sale at gap currently? It's so hard to find the right fit for small girls.

  13. Hi dear, thanks for the comment, come check the new post! I totally love this ^^

    Link me
    @ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

  14. I love your school boy blazer! You look really cute :) I can't wait to sport mine :)

    As for the ebay thing, I'd contact the seller and just tell her that she doesn't have your permission to use the photo and to remove it. A lot of times they find the photos on google and don't realize that it belongs to a person's blog. Hopefully, that will remedy it :)

  15. I love your blog! So cute! Your fashion is impecable! I am officially a new follower!!

  16. Um, the eBay thing sounds creepy...sorry I don't have any advise. On a happier note, the blazer is pretty adorable and I love the bright yellow POP!

    Ugh. and I feel your pain on the tummy trubs. As you recall, I recently enjoyed a fun bout with that. :(

  17. you look so cute and warm. i love the school boy blazer with the scarf...like how you wrapped the scarf around your neck.

  18. MODG - I got the blazer a few months ago, and don't see it on sale anymore on the website or at the stores, unfortunately. I agree, though - it's tough to find jackets that work on small frames!

    Maison Chaplin - No worries!

    GingerSnap - Thanks! I'm planning on contacting the seller soon, I just keep forgetting! Me and my memory...

    Cheryl E. - Aww, thanks! I hope you keep visiting!

    Michelle - Thanks! And yes, my tummy troubles were annoying, but not as bad as your encounter!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Thanks! I don't know too many methods of scarf-wrapping (FFM has a lot of cool ways!), so it's just the ol' double wraparound, haha!