Friday, January 15

buffalo plaid - it's still rad. (yeah, it rhymes)

Finally, we are here, at the END OF THE WEEK.

[cue fanfare]

Is it just me, readers, or did this week just c r a w l by? I felt like every day was a Monday in disguise, which is no good at all. Let's hope the weekend goes by better! I have a date with the boyfriend to catch an outdoor movie (weather permitting). I'd love to find a drive-in theater somewhere. Do those still exist?

I was running late (once again), so here's an older OOTD that I never got around to posting:

ruffle-front buffalo plaid ruffle shirt, gap [x]
rust v-neck cardigan, gap [x]
dark skinnies, joe's jeans
pasion flats, steve madden [x]

I got this shirt on clearance with an extra 40% off. GAP really knows how to do a end-of-the-year sale right!

Now, go enjoy your weekends! Does anyone have any exciting plans? Or even hum-drum ones?


  1. Time flies when you're having fun?

  2. hey! i see that i missed some posts, so i have to catch up here..

    i LOVE the anthro coat! the detailing is so lady-like and beautiful!

    i like the f21 cardi and stone tee together. how are you enjoying the tee? are the stones heavy? it looks great on you and i hate that i missed out on this one!

    now for your current post, i love how you put colors together. i am all about the buffalo check! it's such a casual, yet chic look.

  3. i love this color combo! it looks great on you.

  4. I love the way you make belts work, I am vigirously studying your craft, in hopes of recreating a successful belted look on my part of town :)
    Also, great color scheme with the ootd, and I love the ruffles peeking out!!

  5. As always, I love your color combos! Cute blouse, I love when sales are done right. I want a deal when there is a sale.....not just a small discount.

    We are hoping to go to the zoo tomorrow we are LONG overdue for a family outing the way my work schedule has been the last few months.

  6. Dude, I haven't been to a drive-in a YEARS. I did go to a couple of outdoor movie screenings 2 years ago in early fall/late summer, but we (the audience) had to sit on a hill in a bad part of town, and the grass smelled poo :-/
    However, your outfit today is darling. Love the color combo, I never would have thought of it.
    ps: who takes your pics?

  7. No exciting plans. Have to finish writing my master's thesis, and can't bring myself up to do it. My defense is set for the 26th, have a feeling will be cramming everything at the last minute and with a baby on hands, not gonna be easy!
    Love your blog, you are so funny ( not to mention very very cute!).

  8. Love your outfit and the color combo! I wouldn't have thought of that! =)

  9. This week totally crawled. And I even had a sick day so it was only 4 days for me! I am liking this rust/purple combination, and it is definitely not one I have thought of before. Have a great weekend.

  10. Loving the color combo, and yea, definitely a longer week than most. Oh, well! Best to just keep swimming! - J.

  11. hey girl! the color of the sweater is so pretty! i'm glad you joined the valentine's day swap~thanks for linking to it :) ttys! xo

  12. Agreed - this week was ridiculously slow. What made it worse was that originally scheduled programming is not even back. BOO! You look fab. I love it when GAP has a sale because I make out like a bandit.

  13. the belt is the winner for me today!

  14. sarah - Oh, it certainly does! Another weekend gone! SOBS.

    OneFashionistaDiva - I love the stones tee, and I'm not finding them too heavy. In fact, I don't notice them at all until I actually take the shirt off and am holding it in my hands.

    Angela - Thanks!

    DEA - I'm sure you'll have a winning belted look in no time!

    Debye - Thanks! And yes, a sale is supposed to be a deal - not a small discount! I hope you had fun at the zoo! Did you see any cool animals? Did the kids love it?

    Tara B - Ewww, poo grass! That's not the way to see a movie! What did you see, though? As for my photographer, it's none other than the good old timed flash and my dresser, haha! I don't have anyone take the photos for me, so I'm thinking of getting a tripod eventually.

    Slastena - I hope that thesis went well! And ICK, cramming is no fun, but it has to be done, right? Thanks for visiting, I've been a regular at your blogs for a while now! (long time reader, first time commentor, haha!)

    stylepint, Pamela - Thanks!

    e. - And UGH, here we are at another week! BOOO!

    ver17 - Yup, just gotta keeeeeep at it. Come onnnnnn Friday!

    tres tippy - I'm super excited about the swap!

    Fashion Therapist - Oh man, I remember when I was addicted to TV (I don't watch it now for a reason!). I'd HAAAATE IT when regular programming wasn't on!

    MODG - Thanks!