Tuesday, January 19

the ruffled gamine jacket: tres jolie!

On the same day that I bought my Bling-button cardigan from J.Crew (you can see it hanging there off to the side), I also tried on the Ruffled Gamine jacket. It had caught my eye in the catalog, so I decided to try it on "just for kicks."

I even turned to Boyfriend and said, "I'm going to try this on just for kicks." He just nodded.

So I traipsed off to the dressing room with the jacket and the cardigan in my arms, not thinking at all about plunking down $178 for a jacket. That's a nice chunk of change, especially when it's going to be soaring into the 80-degree range in a few weeks (Houston winters are short, people) so I don't even need a jacket. Like, at all. That is, until I put it on:


closed. (yes, we see you, Boyfriend.)

ruffle detail!

Readers, this jacket is wonderful. It feels so so so good on, and the quality is incredible. The fit is true to size, as I took my usual size 2 in it. The fit itself is pretty snug, as this is supposed to be a fitted jacket. It's made out of a heavy cotton, which is pretty substantial. It's also lined, which makes it much heavier than a typical trench coat. In other words, ain't no way I can wear this in the summer unless I happen to be summering in Siberia or something.

So, I have no need for this in my closet right now. No need, readers! But I WANT IT. Even Boyfriend saw it coming.

"The moment you put that on, I could tell that you're going to get it," he said. Apparently, I get a "look" on my face whenever I put on something I love. I do not doubt I got that look here. But, I didn't get it. $178 is a little too much for me to spend on something that I won't even be able to wear until autumn. Although I will be feverishly stalking this until it goes on sale.


  1. LOL! Love how he's making the faces. Whatever would we do without the face-making of our S.O.'s? *slaps cheeks in mock sarcasm*

    I love it on you, but I agree. It is hard to justify a coat like that when you really don't need it, you lucky lucky lucky bish. I NEED IT! HA HA!

    (High tomorrow here? 35. Yup. See?)

  2. Haha- the look on Boyfriend's face is priceless. Too bad you didn't get it! It's adorable :)

  3. I saw that in store a few weeks ago- and I fell in love. It's totally practical for our bipolar weather here... and it's so cute on(!) you & me, if I do say so myself. And at least your bf goes shopping with you- my husband has decided he now hates it. Oh well.

  4. Oh, my, your bf is funny!!! :) LOL.

    The coat is so pretty, I totally agree...and the shape is divine on you. Maybe super-sale???

  5. Oh love the look of the coat. And I think your BF is so funny!!!

  6. Are you a student? Use your student discount for 15% off. Duh.

  7. That coat looks good on you, and now you have an excuse to visit friends in cold places so you can sport this hot item!!
    BF's faces are hilarious, you should totally tell him how your blog friends think he should make more cameos!! hehehe

  8. That coat is amazing. You need to move somewhere cold. :)

  9. Yes, yes!! Wait for the sale b/c you're in the I MUST HAVE NOW mode and you need time to settle.

  10. such a gorgeous jacket!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  11. I love the jacket! it looks good on you. I like the tie waist. I think you made a good choice waiting for a sale. You know you will be able to score it with a deal.

  12. Your BF is funny! The jacket looks gorgeous on you but I understand your point about not needing it. Here we have winter - for a long dreaded time - and I still hate spending money on coats. I only bought one this year and I think that's the first coat I bought in a few years. If it does happen to go on sale - GRAB IT UP!

  13. Tee hee. I love your boyfriend's face in the pics. If I ever dragged my hubby into a dressing room--much less a STORE--he would give me the evil death stare the whole time :)

    Love love love that jacket on you. It looks great!

  14. i'll be stalking it with you! it looks super cute on you. i love how your bf is in the pics lol

  15. Chloe - We certainly wouldn't be laughing without our face-making S.O.s! And a high of 35? GET OUT OF TOWN! No, seriously. Get out of town. That's way too cold.

    Dream Sequins - Oh, I WILL get it... I just have to wait for it to go opn sale.

    Molly Darling - Did you get the jacket?! I can live vicariously through you for now, haha! And my boyfriend likes shopping with me NOW, but we'll see in a few months... or years...

    dinagideon - He certainly is a ham. And this will definitely be mine on super sale!

    Rosa in DC - Thanks! (Boyfriend thinks he's funny too... sigh...)

    sarah - I'm actually not a student anymore, since May of last year. And even with 15% off, it's not worth it right now.

    DEA - I think you're absolutely right! I DO have to visit friends in cold places so I can wear this, haha! And I told him how everyone finds him amusing, and I think he's a little proud of himself.

    e. - Well, I think I need to move somewhere where it stays colder for a little longer, but definitely not back to Northeastern blizzards!

    NoJCrewinJapan - You're right! I need to simmmmmer down, haha! But I definitely am waiting for it to go on sale.

    AudreyAllure - Thanks!

    Pamela - I'm glad I'm waiting for the sale too. Thanks!

    Summerilla - I am definitely stalking this jacket until it goes on sale. Feverishly! And I'm surprised that you don't have a lot of coats, seeing as how it gets so cold up there in the Northeast!

    AppGal - I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the boyfriend's face turns from smiles to the stare of death, haha!

    tres tippy - Yay, group stalking! Haha!

  16. Thanks for posting the IRL pics and review - you convinced me to get it :)

    What also convinced me to purchase - now it's on sale online for $119 so you should definitely get it too! :)

  17. maureen1125 - Thanks for the heads up!!! You better BELIEVE I got this! There's a 20% off promo going on too, so that makes this an even sweeter deal. I hope you love it!

  18. Yep I got the 20% off too! I'm so excited. I got it in pink :)

    I am moving from Michigan to Houston in a couple of months so I'm hoping I can still wear it - between the snow here and the heat down south, the weather is just not cooperating with my plans!

  19. I started obsessively stalking this jacket after seeing it on you and then trying it on. Just wanted to let you know that there is also a 30% off going on in some stores. I went to mine on the off chance they would have the gamine ruffled jacket in my size, and they did! Total= $91 ! Yay!

  20. I just got this in the dusty coral color on sale (looked for it in stores but they didn't have the color)... I really like it but man is it BRIGHT! And it's definitely more orange than pink. I was thinking of taking it back, but then realized it's final sale. Oh well...I live in Ohio and I'm going to have to wait til it's a bit sunnier so I'm not walking around like a big neon sign!