Tuesday, November 2

red, white, and blue (again)

I put up a "tutorial" for the heart flats worn in yesterday's outfit. Check it out! Or just scroll down past this post to see it.

If you haven't noticed, readers, I rarely put my hair up. This is because I have a lot of it and it requires no less than 1 hair tie, 2 "mini" claw clips, and 2 regular clips to keep it in place. But, sometimes I have an extra 15 minutes left in the morning that I can spend clamping my hair into place. This was one such morning.

striped sweater, gap
toothpick cords, j.crew [x]
joley flats, j.crew
red scarf, gift
rhinestone ball earrings, kohls
bow clip, gift

I do the stripes-and-red thing pretty often, huh? Oh well. It's a good standby as far as color and pattern combinations go!

And for those of you who had inquired about the rug that you can often see peeking out of the corner in my OOTD pictures, here it is:

This was the Jungle Birds rug from Anthropologie -- or at least, that's what the invoice said it was called. I got it on sale about a month before we moved in August. It fits in wonderfully with the rest of the apartment decor, though it may seem kind of weird in this particular picture. Putting the coffee table on top of it helps to mellow out the crazy print and grass green color, though it still provides a good pop of color to break up the monochromatic couch and wall.

This is my first rug from Anthropologie and it does shed a bit, though it's nothing my vacuum can't handle. I've never owned a "real rug" before, so maybe the shedding is completely normal. It's just something to keep in mind!


  1. I love this outfit - I'm a big fan of nautical/patriotic outfits in general and this is right up that alley!

    I hear you about the hair thing - my hair is super thick, layered, and FINE, so it falls out all the time, even when I just have it in a pony tail - I have an arsenal of bobby pins with me all the time to keep it out of my face when I've got it up!

  2. Great outfit! Love those flats.
    The rug is just too cute, love it!

  3. I love this outfit, and the scarf paired with the striped sweater is great.

  4. Your hair pin is gorgeous and your hair looks so pretty in an up style. I haven't had much success with stipes.....you do them well. Great outfit.

  5. I love your hairdo! Looks fantastic.

  6. Your style is so clean and sophisticated. Stripes, classic colors, flats... very Audrey Hepburn.

    Also, your rug is awesome. bright green is one of my favorite colors! It always adds a nice pop to a room or an outfit.

  7. your hair is so pretty up! i usually tie mine into a topknot when i'm feeling lazy but lately my hair has been getting so long that i get headaches if i wear it up.

    and i love the rug!!!

  8. I love the scarf with the stripes...and that rug is awesome!! :)

  9. I like your hair up! It looks so pretty.

    That rug is awesome! I have a couple "good" rugs and they shed like no ones business. I think it's worse than a pet! I just love the color of that rug, and having under the coffee table does tone down the print a bit, but you can still get to enjoy the color and bit of pattern. Perfect location for it!

  10. Great outfit - and I love that bow clip! So cute! =D

  11. Loving that rug; the print and color are so fun!

    I also love that striped top, it's a bit different from standard stripe tops with the varying widths.

  12. Echoing the love for the home decor. And even if it's a pain to put your hair up, it looks beautiful.