Thursday, July 21

I'll take 6 of each, please

I know I wear this jacket entirely too much, but can I help that it just seems to go with everything? And to think that when I bought it, I suffered from buyer's remorse right afterwards. Little did I know just how much of a staple it would become. If I were a cartoon character, this would undoubtedly be something I'd always wear, and possibly have duplicates of when I open my cartoon wardrobe. Kind of like how in Daria's closet, there are 6 pairs of her favorite black combat boots. Variety!

dress, f21
jacket, diane von fursternberg
belt, j.crew
flats, target
beaded bracelet, mall cart
bangle, kate spade
ring, f21

I recently got a new lipstick per Natalie's suggestion from this post -- Chanel's Coco Rouge. I'm wearing it in the Bel-Ami shade and it is the perfect everyday lipstick! I love that it only ever-so-slightly punches up my natural lip color and adds some sheen. You see, I have fairly large lips, so I'm always wary of putting too much on them for fear of having them overwhelm my face. But check it out:

I highly recommend.

Now tell me readers, if you were a cartoon character, what would be part of your uniform?


  1. I can see why this jacket gets so much love! You look great Amy!

  2. I love that jacket so cute and the new lipstick is just beautiful and such a perfect *everyday* color!

  3. I can see why this jacket is a favourite. It looks so perfect on you! What would be my cartoon character uniform? Hmm... good question. The only thing I can think of is my black blazer. I'm tempted to throw it on over top of every outfit!

  4. Love that jacket with the dress. You look fab! I also love that lipstick...but I think any would look amazing because you have such nice lips!

  5. That jacket is fantastic on you! I love it and the lipstick is perfect too.

  6. Hmmmm...that's a good question. My character would probably hoop earrings. I love natural lipsticks. That's a great shade.

  7. oh man, I keep opening and closing my closet door, hoping this amazing blazer will appear there, but no...It is definitely you!! I guess my cartoon article of clothing would be a big pouffy fifties skirt (and askew glasses...;)

  8. Whenever I love something, I always wish I had purchased it in multiple colors, but I never realize I love it until I've worn it for a while and then it's unavailable. fail!

  9. What a great investment piece. I see that jacket being so versatile. I'm the same way, when I really like something, I tend to go back for more!

  10. I love every outfit you put together with that outfit - it truly is quite versatile! You are looking so svelte in these pics too, btw!

    I ♥ Chanel lipsticks so so much. Boy and Chalys are my current faves.

  11. Cute jacket - it works with so much in your closet!